High Mileage Vehicles 40+ mpg

The cars that qualify as "high mileage" here at Jim Ellis Green get 40 mpg or greater. It's important to recognize the standard vehicles that make the most of fuel efficiency without reinventing the wheel.


Fuel Efficient Topics and Information

Defining "High Mileage" for Jim Ellis Green

When we started Jim Ellis Green, it fell upon our Green Team to define "high mileage" cars to be highlighted on this site. As fuel efficiency becomes a more common deciding factor in automotive purchases, we noticed that many of our brands had models that reached the mid-30's on the highway. While this was respectable, we didn't want to reward mediocrity. We know that the manufacturers we represent are working hard to create new high-mileage vehicles, and those are the ones we want to highlight here.

For Jim Ellis Green, we only highlight those vehicles that can achieve over 40 mpg in fuel efficiency without being clean diesel, hybrid or electric in any way.  As technology improves, we look forward to expanding this list.

Why Fuel Efficiency Matters to Us

Sometimes all of this new technology can be too much of a good thing.

Using what we've already got can
be less expensive for consumers, and it can have less overall impact on the environment.  There is no cost to create or embellish infrastructure. There is no need to manufacture new tools, new batteries, or new technology to support these cars.

For these reasons, we believe the higher-mileage cars on our lots are just as green as the new-fangled electric cars or the fancy hybrids.

High-Efficiency Cars

The Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevy Cruze is setting new standards for safety in the compact sedan class with 10 airbags standard on the base model.  What we really like about the Cruze is the fuel economy! While the 1.8L Cruze LS achieves a respectable 36 mpg on the highway,  the 1.4L Chevrolet Cruze Eco gets an impressive 40 mpg on the highway!

"The fuel-stingy Chevrolet Cruze Eco will make you wonder why some folks buy hybrids." we mentioned in a recent e-newsletter.  The engineers of the Cruze looked at every possible aspect that could impact fuel efficiency - even down to individual welding points!  The tires are ultra-low-resistance, the car weighs less, and sits lower to the ground than other Chevrolet sedans.

The Eco also employs unique aerodynamic innovations like an automatic electronic air shutter system in the grille. At high speeds, the shutters close to reduce drag. Around town, however, the shutters open at low speed to enhance engine cooling.