Jim Ellis Green represents several of the Jim Ellis Automotive Dealerships in Atlanta, Marietta and Buford Georgia.  

Green Updates on Jim Ellis Brands

This website is intended to serve as a hub of information for our customers who are interested in the greater fuel efficiency, and the reduced environmental impact of the cars that they choose to drive every day.

Many of the Jim Ellis brands, including Audi, Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, and Volkswagen already have green cars available, and have had green cars on their lots for quite some time.   Others, such as Porsche, have models that are set for release in the near future.  

Others still, including Hyundai and Mazda are making longer-term plans to include electric cars, plug-in hybrids and other emerging technologies in their vehicle line-ups.  This site will serve as a clearinghouse for news and information about the green initiatives of all of our represented brands.

Which Vehicles Are Included?

We have defined very clear requirements for what qualifies a car as "green" on our websites.   To be included on the inventory pages here, a vehicle must meet one of the following requirements:

We also know that you might have some questions about which vehicles are eligible for Alternative Fuel License Plates, as well as State and Federal Tax incentives, so we've tried to include as much information about these topics.

Green Tips and Information

In addition to information about our inventory, we also hope to provide additional useful tips and tricks for automotive maintenance and service, hypermiling when driving, and other informative tidbits that we think might help our customers.

Check Out the Green Resources section of this site for more.

Jim Ellis Green Commitment

The other thing this site will highlight are the efforts that Jim Ellis has made, is making, and will be trying to enact in the coming weeks and months to show our commitment to sustainability. We know that it's important to "walk the walk", and we promise to do that very thing.